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Former UGA football star facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2012 | Drug Charges |

Drug use is sometimes a problem for college students. Drug offenses have serious consequences and can have detrimental long-term effects on a young person’s future. That may be especially true if the person involved is a talented football player.

Former University of Georgia and current Jacksonville State University running back Washaun Ealey was arrested by JSU police recently and faces two misdemeanor drug charges. According to the campus police, the drug charges followed an early morning search of the football player’s apartment following a noise complaint.

As a result of the charges, Ealey was suspended from playing in one recent game. According to the athletic director for JSU, the charges are a violation of team policy and he says the school is “going through proper channels according to the policy.”

Ealey currently holds the Georgia high school record for most rushing touchdowns in a season. He also led UGA in rushing during the 2009 and 2010 season. Ealey has an impressive record and the potential of a professional football career. Whether any of that is in jeopardy because of these drug charges is unknown at the time this is being written, but such allegations have had the sad effect of scuttling others’ personal and professional opportunities.

Although the details of the drug charges in this case are not clear, a misdemeanor charge of drug possession of marijuana, as an example, or possession of drug paraphernalia is punishable by a minimum penalty of up to a year of incarceration and up to a $1000 fine in Georgia. However, the consequences of drug charges can also affect a person’s employment, reputation and any future opportunities. Therefore, it is important to mount a strong defense against any drug charges that are leveled.

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