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Domestic Violence Charges And Convictions

Are you experiencing turbulent times in your marriage or family? Were the police called to your home as a result of a domestic dispute? Are you the subject of a temporary protective order which limits your access to your children and home? Have you been charged with family violence battery or aggravated assault? At Hirsch Criminal Defense, individuals accused of both misdemeanor and felony charges of domestic violence can get legal help.

Domestic violence cases are based on relationships. The basis for enhanced punishment is the relationship between the defendant and the alleged victim. Because the law includes people who have lived together for any reason and at any time, domestic violence charges are not limited to arguments and fights between couples or siblings. Throughout Dekalb County, an argument with your roommate can result in a charge of domestic violence.

How Domestic Violence Charges Are Different

Many charges of domestic violence originate with a neighbor calling the police because he or she can hear a loud argument. This means that if your neighbor hears you arguing with your roommate, you can be charged with simple assault, and face fines, court-ordered counseling, probation and the loss of your gun rights for the rest of your life. You also may have a restraining order taken out against you. Attorney Matt Hirsch has helped people overcome these charges in DeKalb, Fulton, Cherokee and Gwinnett counties.

The language of domestic violence laws is very general, and the application of the law is very broad. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are not the same as any other misdemeanor conviction!

The Georgia Family Violence Act authorizes the state to punish defendants more harshly for misdemeanors classified as domestic violence. State and federal laws ban anyone convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence from ever owning a firearm again. A single conviction for any crime of domestic violence under state law results in any subsequent offense being automatically charged as a felony. If you are charged with felony family violence battery, you face up to five years in prison. If you are charged with aggravated assault – family violence, you face up to 20 years in prison.

The stakes are much higher when ordinary charges such as battery or simple assault are accused as crimes of domestic violence under the Georgia Family Violence Act. Your case is unique. The way the law applies to the facts is different in every case. The experienced attorney at Hirsch Criminal Defense takes a unique approach to your defense. He tailors his legal strategy to meet your needs and your goals for the outcome of the case. He will work with you throughout the process of reaching the a solution, whether the case can be resolved through negotiation or by taking your case to trial.

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If You Are Facing DV Charges, Get Aggressive Representation

If you have been accused of a crime involving domestic violence in Atlanta, throughout DeKalb County, or anywhere in Georgia, attorney Matt Hirsch can help you. He is an aggressive attorney who knows how to protect your rights. To schedule your consultation, contact the law office in Atlanta at 404-919-7096.