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Drug Trafficking And Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Drug trafficking is a serious offense. At Hirsch Criminal Defense, your lawyer will take the charges seriously. He works closely with his clients, guiding them through the legal system from the moment he takes their cases until matters are favorably resolved. If you or someone you love have been accused of drug trafficking, he can answer your questions and help you discover the right criminal defense strategy to use.

Critical Advantages Of A Paid Criminal Defense Attorney

You may wonder if it is worth the expense to hire a criminal defense attorney. Unlike public defenders who are generally overworked and underpaid, attorney Matt Hirsch has a reasonable caseload. Because he chooses to handle only a select number of cases at a time, he can give your case the time and attention it deserves.

This is especially critical when drug trafficking charges are involved. The charges have the potential to permanently change your life, so working with an experienced lawyer – someone who has time to focus on your case – is the right choice.

Will You Go To Jail For A Drug Trafficking Charge?

Drug trafficking charges are determined entirely by weight. If the quantity of drugs found was significant enough, the police will charge a person with trafficking. If convicted, a defendant will face mandatory minimum jail time and fines which vary with the type of drug involved.

As little as four grams of heroin can lead to a trafficking charge. So can just a small bit of cocaine, and the mandatory minimum sentence for trafficking cocaine is 10 years of incarceration.

Depending on your case, it may often be possible to dispute the amount of drugs allegedly involved. Synthetic drugs are often cut with another substance. That substance should not be included in the weight measurement. At the Hirsch Criminal Defense, attorney Hirsch often asks the court to have the quantity recalculated based on the purity of the drugs. This can mean a critical difference for clients.

Fight For Your Rights In Your Criminal Drug Case

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