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Confronting Possession Of Heroin Charges

Heroin addiction is reaching epidemic proportion amongst young people. Heroin is not only illegal, but potentially lethal. The danger of accidental death by overdose is very real. Heroin addicts are also likely to fall into a vicious cycle of committing crimes to get money to fuel their addiction. Are you, a family member, or friend facing heroin charges or theft charges related to addiction? If so, you need an attorney experienced in resolving heroin and related charges avoiding incarceration.

Why Are Heroin Charges So Serious?

Georgia sentencing treats all drug crimes harshly. Heroin has the most unforgiving sentencing scheme. To be charged with trafficking in heroin in Georgia you only have to possess four grams! To put that in perspective, you have to possess ten pounds of marijuana to be charged with trafficking. You have to possess 28 grams of cocaine or methamphetamine to be charged with trafficking. Because heroin is widely regarded as the most dangerous street drug, you face trafficking charges if you possess only four grams. Trafficking in heroin carries sentence ranges that start with a mandatory minimum of five years to serve in prison and go up to 30 years. Possession of less than one gram of heroin has a sentence range of one to three years in prison or on probation. Possession of more than one gram but less than four grams carries a sentence range of one to eight years in prison or on probation.

Why Choose Hirsch Criminal Defense?

Attorney Matt Hirsch has worked with numerous young people who have become involved with heroin. If your child needs legal help after an arrest for possession of heroin, he has a track record of not only resolving the criminal prosecution in a manner that preserves your child’s future, but also of putting your child on a path to a future beyond addiction. He recognizes the challenges a family faces upon finding out that their child has been arrested for possession of heroin — both the stigma as well as fear. The fear parents face is not just based on the threat of criminal prosecution; parents who find out they have kids on heroin fear for their children’s lives.

Is My Child Going To Prison?

Fortunately, many judges and prosecutors realize prison is not the answer to addiction. For young people with limited criminal history who are not charged with trafficking in heroin, there are accountability courts such as Drug Court. Drug Courts not only resolve criminal charges, but also holds defendants accountable for their own sobriety. Is your child a veteran? For defendants where Drug Court might not be appropriate or might not be an option, attorney Hirsch has the experience to work with a family to find outpatient and inpatient resources with the hope that the court and prosecutors will be amenable to treatment over incarceration.

You Can Push Back Against Heroin Charges

Are you or a loved one battling heroin addiction? Take control back! To schedule your consultation with a defense attorney at Hirsch Criminal Defense, use the online contact form or call the Atlanta law office at 404-919-7096.