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How To Handle A Restraining Order Violation Charge

When a restraining order is issued against you, you must comply with its conditions. If you are accused of violating the restraining order, you can be arrested immediately.

Attorney Matt Hirsch at Hirsch Criminal Defense in Atlanta, Georgia, provides aggressive and highly effective criminal defense representation to individuals accused of violating restraining orders. He understands the many ways in which an individual can be falsely accused as well as defense strategies to fight the allegations. He is prepared to fight on your behalf. Do not wait — call today for a free consultation at 404-919-7096 to speak with a lawyer.

Restraining Order Violation Charges Require A Strong Defense

Protective orders and restraining orders are taken very seriously. Whether arising from a domestic violence arrest or a stalking charge, if accused of violating an order, you can face harsh penalties, including:

  • One-year jail time
  • Heavy monetary fines

Additionally, the violation can result in difficulty obtaining an acquittal of the original charges or difficulty in having the original charges dropped. The stakes are high, and your future is on the line. It is time to talk to the attorney at Hirsch Criminal Defense, who can protect your rights.

Restraining orders can force you out of your own home, require that you stay away from your children and prohibit you from contacting the other party. Once an order is issued, the individual who sought the order can falsely accuse you of violating it and can call the police at any time. Attorney Hirsch can uncover motivations for the false accusations and prove that you were not in violation.

Restraining order violations can arise from:

  • Contacting the other party
  • Visiting the household you have been ordered to stay away from
  • Approaching the other party
  • Harassing the other party

At Hirsch Criminal Defense, you will have the opportunity to have your side of the story heard. Attorney Hirsch’s case strategy is always tailored to the specific facts of your case and seeks a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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