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Ticketed While Traveling Through Atlanta?

Were you ticketed while traveling through Atlanta or other parts of Georgia? Matt Hirsch, an experienced Atlanta attorney, will guide you through the process of resolving your tickets. Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about traffic violations that occur during a trip through Georgia.

I don’t live in Georgia, so can I ignore their traffic tickets?

Certain Georgia tickets will be reported to your home state’s driver’s services agency and your insurance. Once reported to your insurance you could be facing higher premiums. If you fail to appear in court on your traffic ticket a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Why not just pay the ticket online?

If you choose to pay a ticket online you miss out on the opportunity to have a skilled traffic court attorney negotiate a reduction in the reported speed on a speeding ticket, a lower number of points, a lower fine or even a dismissal in certain circumstances. Although it is quick and easy, paying a ticket online can have negative consequences for your driver’s license and your insurance premiums.

It’s not cost-effective to hire an attorney just to get a fine reduction, is it?

Hiring an experienced Atlanta traffic court attorney may do more for you than just a fine reduction. Many Atlanta area traffic courts have diversion options that you may be eligible for that will eliminate points on your license and expensive fines. Plus, the long-term financial impact of traffic tickets on your insurance premiums really adds up and may in the long-run cost more than hiring an attorney.

What if I have a conflict or just don’t want to come back to Atlanta for my traffic ticket?

In many instances, an experienced Atlanta traffic court lawyer can arrange for your ticket to be resolved without you having to appear avoiding additional travel expense, missed days at work or school, and having to be away from family just to address a traffic ticket.

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