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Understanding The Seriousness Of Child Abuse Accusations

False allegations of child molestation are more common than you might think. Uncounted people are wrongly accused each year, and the effects they experience are profound. Many people find their lives turned upside down — all because of a nasty divorce, confusion or outright lies told about them.

If you have been accused of child molestation, you should know that you can fight back. Attorney Matt Hirsch in Atlanta represents people accused of sex crimes in Georgia state courts. He has in-depth experience and thorough knowledge of the law. At Hirsch Criminal Defense, he works closely with clients, tailoring a complete and effective defense to the facts of each individual case.

How False Allegations Of Child Abuse Begin

Why would a child be lying? Many people have a difficult time believing that a child would not tell the truth about a situation. However, every case is different. There are many reasons why false allegations of child molestation are made:

  • Revenge: Allegations of inappropriate touching between parent and child are often made during the course of nasty divorce proceedings. Parents make false accusations to keep their ex-spouses from being awarded child custody and visitation. They are focused on revenge, so they destroy their partners’ lives with lies and criminal charges.
  • Receiving the wrong kind of attention: When child molestation accusations are made, people often look to the adults present in a child’s life. Are they the kind of adults who might encourage a child to make false statements about incest or molestation? Is the adult/child relationship driven by attention-seeking? Sex abuse is a surprisingly effective way for a child to get attention from an adult — even if the allegations are lies — and children have no concept of the harm they cause by making allegations.
  • Distraction from the real problems: Children who are having trouble in school or in other areas of their lives often seek to distract adults from the trouble by making up stories about sexual abuse. The abuse serves as a good excuse for negative behavior, and children receive sympathy from adults.

Serious Charges Require The Most Serious Defense Strategy

If you have been accused of child molestation, defense lawyer Matt Hirsch can help. He is an aggressive attorney who can protect your rights. To schedule your initial consultation with him, use the contact form or call the Atlanta, Georgia, law office at 404-919-7096.