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Minor In Possession Of Alcohol Or Drugs

The consequences of a criminal conviction go beyond jail time, community service, fines, fees and probation. The long-term effects of a permanent criminal record impact future employment opportunities. For minors arrested for possession of alcohol or drugs, suspensions and expulsions from area schools and colleges are possible.

At Hirsch Criminal Defense, you will find a lawyer who understands the stakes involved when a minor is facing conviction for a crime involving alcohol or drugs. Attorney Matt Hirsch has a track record of success defending Georgia residents, including minors, who are charged with serious crimes.

Minor In Possession Charges: Facts And Impact

A minor in possession (MIP) charge can occur even if you were not found in possession of alcohol and without submitting to a breath test. You may also lose your driver’s license, even if you weren’t driving at the time of the arrest. Although considered a misdemeanor for a first-time offense, the consequences can still be severe.

An MIP conviction may also violate the Student Code of Conduct at the school you attend. Prosecution by your school could result in a wide range of consequences, from probation to suspension. Whether you are appearing in criminal court or a student disciplinary hearing, you need an attorney knowledgeable about both criminal charges and your school’s disciplinary process.

First-time offenders may have the option to participate in a diversion program to minimize the consequences of an MIP. Expungement following the successful completion of a diversion program is also possible. While not happening automatically, a lawyer can guide you through the process to ensure your rights are protected.

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