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Fighting A Possession With Intent To Distribute Charge

Drug crime charges can vary greatly, from simple possession to drug trafficking. Somewhere in the middle lies possession with intent to distribute, a serious offense that arises when law enforcement or investigators have reason to believe an individual intends to sell drugs.

How can an officer justify such a charge? The amount of a controlled substance and the types of drug paraphernalia found in the accused’s possession play a role. Possession in this case can either mean physical possession (found on the person) or constructive possession (found in a place controlled by the person).

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At Hirsch Criminal Defense, you will benefit from attorney Matt Hirsch’s vast experience in defending clients against drug crime accusations of possession with intent to distribute throughout Georgia, including those in DeKalb County and beyond.

Attorney Hirsch strives to have charges against clients reduced or dismissed by challenging the evidence brought against them. This could involve uncovering law enforcement’s procedural errors, violations of the accused’s rights during investigations or arrest, or providing evidence that our client was falsely accused.

Law Enforcement Procedures Can Influence The Outcome Of Your Case

Attorney Hirsch has seen cases where individuals are pulled over for minor traffic violations and end up having their vehicles searched. During the search, the officer may uncover some amount of marijuana, cocaine or another controlled substance. The officer may also find baggies, scales or other items commonly connected with sale of a controlled substance.

These connections do not necessarily mean an individual intended to sell drugs. Furthermore, the officer may not have had probable cause to search the vehicle. Situations like these offer opportunities to suppress evidence, and otherwise minimize the consequences of a criminal charge.

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When you retain attorney Hirsch, he will thoroughly investigate everything that happened to you, from the initial investigation to whether or not your rights were protected through criminal procedures at the police station. He will work with you personally to develop a defense strategy and aggressively protect your rights in courtroom proceedings.

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