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Strong Defense Against Drug-Related Paraphernalia Charges

Individuals are often surprised when they are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Many did not know that it is illegal. Although drug paraphernalia charges in Georgia are a misdemeanor, a conviction still has serious consequences. Anyone charged with possessing drug-related paraphernalia should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

At Hirsch Criminal Defense, clients facing serious drug-related accusations can find help with their defense, including for charges involving paraphernalia possession and distribution. For residents of the Atlanta area and DeKalb County, attorney Matt Hirsch provides dedicated legal advocacy, protects their rights and focuses on strategizing for the best outcome given the circumstances.

What Is Drug Paraphernalia?

Drug paraphernalia refers to products and materials sold online and in retail tobacco/head shops used to make, consume or conceal drugs. They include pipes, roach clips, syringes, scales, bongs, vials, grow lights, hydroponics kits and products promoted to cleanse the body of drugs. However, everyday items such as mirrors, razor blades, bent spoons, plastic baggies and rolled-up currency can fall under paraphernalia laws.

Penalties For Drug Paraphernalia Possession

The consequences of drug paraphernalia possession and distribution convictions increase the severity of other drug charges. The consequences are anything but minor. First-time possession and distribution charges carry significant fines and incarceration.

At Hirsch Criminal Defense, attorney Hirsch knows the consequences of drug paraphernalia charges and possesses an unwavering commitment to protecting your constitutional rights. He develops strong, compelling drug crime defenses by challenging the legality of the traffic stop and/or a search and seizure of your home or vehicle.

He does not use a cookie-cutter approach to your drug crime defense. He will work with you, the evidence and the law to tailor legal strategies based on seeking a positive outcome for you.

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