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Mental Health And Crimes

When criminal charges are filed against a family member who suffers from mental illness, you need immediate and aggressive representation. Matt Hirsch at Hirsch Criminal Defense is experienced with the unique and complex issues that arise for a family following an arrest. With care and compassion, he provides the personal touch necessary to protect the rights of their loved one.

Mental Health Challenges And Criminal Activity

Unique issues arise when criminal activity is suspected by someone suffering manic depression, schizophrenia, Asperger’s syndrome or a bipolar disorder. Criminal cases involving the mentally ill require an attorney who knows how to strategize with mental health professionals to structure a treatment plan that not only satisfies client’s needs but also satisfies the court that all involved are safe.

Because mental illness — not criminal intent — resulted in legal trouble, the law recognizes that a mentally ill person, under certain circumstances, cannot be held criminally responsible for a crime they have committed. Legal issues related to competency and criminal responsibility are a highly specialized area of the law. Attorney Matt Hirsch has a proven track record of success in managing a mentally ill client and their criminal case.

Read a real-life example of how mental health can intersect with committing a crime: Man charged with alleged gun threats in school in DeKalb County.

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If a loved one who suffers from a mental illness is facing serious criminal charges, attorney Hirsch can help. Schedule your initial consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney by contacting the law office online or calling 404-919-7096.