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Marijuana Trafficking And Distribution Cases

Trafficking and distribution of marijuana are serious offenses. At Hirsch Criminal Defense, attorney Matt Hirsch takes these charges seriously. He works closely with clients from the moment he takes the case until the matter is resolved. If you or someone you love has been charged with distribution or trafficking in marijuana, he is here to answer your questions and plan a defense strategy to put you in the best position possible on your case.

Serious Consequences Demand A Serious Legal Team

Unlike public defenders that often have enormous caseloads and scarce resources, attorney Hirsch maintains a reasonable caseload allowing him to focus his time and attention on your case. Drug cases are full of potential legal issues which, if handled properly by experienced lawyers, may result in a favorable outcome of your charges. Marijuana trafficking and marijuana distribution are serious charges that may permanently change your life. Working with an experienced attorney, focused on you and your case, is the right choice.

How The State Views Marijuana Trafficking And Distribution Charges

Marijuana trafficking charges are determined solely by weight. In Georgia, the trafficking weight for marijuana is possession of 10 pounds or more. Sentences for marijuana trafficking begin at five years.

Marijuana distribution charges are determined by evidence of distribution such as the presence of packaging materials, scales and marijuana packaged for sale. The sentencing range for marijuana distribution can be up to 10 years. Even possession of a misdemeanor amount of marijuana (less than one ounce) if that marijuana is packaged for sale will result in a felony charge and the possibility of a 10-year sentence.

Attorney Hirsch has experience in challenging the legal issues related to the automobile searches and search warrants that often lead to marijuana trafficking and marijuana distribution charges.

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