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Sophisticated Defense Against Complex Internet Crime Charges

Criminal charges involving the internet can quickly become complex. If you are charged with any type of internet crime, cybercrime or computer crime, you need the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney with an up-to-date knowledge of a changing area of the law.

Many Cyber Charges, One Place For Effective Representation

At Hirsch Criminal Defense, attorney Matt Hirsch provides skilled, aggressive defense against all types of crimes involving the internet in some way. Internet crimes often intersect with other areas of criminal law, from sex crimes to fraud. He uses in-depth knowledge of all aspects of criminal law to find a strong defense for each situation.

Some of the types of charges he defends clients against include:

  • Identity theft and data theft
  • Solicitation, including all forms of “sexting”
  • Child pornography
  • Phishing scams
  • Fraud involving a computer
  • Cyberbullying and online harassment
  • Computer invasion of privacy or trespass

Get Legal Advice For Your Situation

Federal and Georgia laws involving the internet, including all forms of cybercrime, are rapidly changing. Attorney Hirsch is committed to keeping up with all changes to the law and technology to provide an aggressive, smart defense to clients charged with internet crimes. To discuss your situation with a lawyer, call the Atlanta office at 404-919-7096 or send an email using the secure online form.