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Did You Leave A Gun In Your Carry-On Bag?

If you forget about a firearm in a carry-on bag at the Atlanta airport, then you could face serious gun charges. If you are not a Georgia resident, then you are going to want to work with an Atlanta attorney who can represent you locally in relation to the charges. Attorney Matt Hirsch can make your life easier by working to resolve your case without you having to travel repeatedly from out of state to appear in court.

Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to avoid a criminal conviction in the matter. If you have never been arrested before, attorney Hirsch can work towards an outcome that will help you avoid jail time and other penalties. He can also work to get your firearm returned to you.

Gun Laws And Airport Security

It is not illegal to possess a firearm in the airport. It is, however, illegal to possess a weapon past a security checkpoint. There are two distinctly different paths your case may take if you accidentally leave a firearm in a carry-on bag past a security checkpoint.

If you do not have a concealed carry permit and you bring a firearm through security, then you will be arrested and taken to the Clayton County jail. You will be charged with a misdemeanor under Georgia state law. If you have no criminal history, then you may be able to resolve your case through diversion, which will allow you to avoid a criminal conviction and to restrict the record of the arrest.

If you do have a concealed carry permit, then you will not be arrested. Instead, you will be detained by Homeland Security. You will likely miss your flight but you will not be taken into custody. Instead, you will receive a citation to appear in the Federal Magistrate Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

A Lawyer Who Knows State And Federal Gun Laws

In either of these two scenarios, you will need an attorney familiar with handling gun cases originating at the airport. Attorney Hirsch knows how to move forward with your case whether you are prosecuted in state court or in federal court. The international airport in Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world, and dozens of people are caught with guns in their carry-on baggage each year. If you are charged with a gun crime in Georgia but live in another state, then you need to be able to rely on a local attorney to help you resolve your case and take care of the problem without it becoming a major disruption in your life.

No one intends to leave a gun in carry-on baggage, but it happens. You should choose an attorney who is experienced with the jurisdiction and is familiar with the procedure that will apply to your case in order to achieve the most favorable result possible.

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