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Man caught for alleged drug trafficking in Atlanta

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2012 | Drug Charges |

Being accused of any type of drug charge is a serious crime, no matter the quantity involved or the exact offense. However, drug trafficking is potentially one of the most difficult crimes to defend against, especially if it occurs between states.

A Texas man was accused of drug trafficking between Atlanta, Georgia, and Mission, Texas. He agreed to plead guilty to lesser drug offenses, including conspiracy to launder monetary instruments and conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine. According to prosecutors, the man owned a furniture store that was used to launder money. In addition, they say he used his trucking company to haul cocaine and money back and forth between Atlanta and Mission. He potentially faces life in prison for these crimes.

Any drug offenses potentially come with serious consequences; however, with the proper defense there is a good chance that the prosecution will reduce charges, which potentially will eliminate some jail time or fines. Often, pleading to lesser charges is an effective way to reduce the sentence for certain drug crimes. Even though the defendant admits guilt through pleading, the defendant is doing so with crimes that are less serious than what the prosecution is hoping to pursue. For this reason, pleading is often used in drug cases if it seems that other defenses may not be as viable.

Those who are charged with drug offenses should always consider them seriously and should immediately seek legal help. With a proper defense, many charges can often be reduced or dropped entirely.

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