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Man allegedly attempted to commit sex crimes with a minor

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2012 | Sex Crimes |

Being accused of any type of crime should always be taken seriously. However, allegations involving sex crimes–especially those involving children–should be given particular attention. If someone is found guilty of this type of crime, his personal life and professional life could be changed forever.

One man near Atlanta is being accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. Allegedly, the man asked a 15-year-old boy to perform sexual favors for him for money while in the bathroom of a mall. The boy immediately ran away and reported the incident to security. The alleged perpetrator has not been caught, but the police do have a photo of the suspect.

There are many defenses to sex crimes, but after being accused, it is best to get legal help to decide which defense is best under the particular circumstances. One possible defense is that the alleged victim gave consent, though this argument cannot be used against minors. Another defense is insanity or some other mental incapacity. While this is not always a complete defense, it can often be used to ask for lighter sentences or leniency in sentencing. Finally, there is the defense of innocence, be it through a mistaken identity or an actual alibi.

Any accusation of a sex crime has the chance to deal significant damage to reputation of the person being accused. One of the biggest blows to reputation is that the person is put on the sex offender registry, which anyone can look up. For this reason alone, a strong defense is required.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Police: Man tried to entice child for indecent purposes at mall,” Mike Morris, Nov. 21, 2012


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