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A couple near Atlanta accused of allegedly running “pill mills”

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2013 | Drug Charges |

When someone is dealing with extreme amounts of pain, one of the only ways to get relief is to seek out pain medication. This, however, will be more difficult for many in the Atlanta area because one couple who owned three pain clinics are facing drug charges for allegedly running “pill mills.”

Prosecutors indicted the couple, along with a few others who were from Atlanta or close by, for various drug offenses related to three pain clinics, which the suspects allegedly ran. Allegedly, the physicians at the clinics prescribed prescription drugs in manners that were considered “outside the bounds of legitimate medical practice.” Officials say that the couple often served as the primary physicians to the clinics. Allegedly, some of the clients whom they helped were addicts from around the state and even other states. The couple would schedule appointments and issue prescriptions for the pain medication to the patients at those appointments.

After being arrested and accused of drug offenses such as these, a defendant should seek out help and advice immediately. Often times, drug charges that include intent to distribute and drug distribution carry more serious consequences than charges that are applied to drug users rather than distributors. In either case, a strong defense is required to try to either reduce the charges or try to get them dismissed entirely. Also, if a criminal defendant’s case goes to trial, a strong defense would be necessary to explain to the jury what occurred and why the defendant should be found not guilty. Another tact for the defendant would be, if necessary, to plead guilty to a lesser crime in order to get a reduced sentence.

Drug charges, no matter how serious, should be addressed immediately. People facing criminal charges should seek out professional help as soon as possible.

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