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Atlanta Police arrest man allegedly connected to shooting

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2013 | Felonies |

Being accused of shooting a man is an offense that should always be taken seriously since the penalties are likely quite steep. When that shooting takes place in broad daylight in a drive-by-shooting like manner, the allegations are likely to be even more serious and likely include multiple felonies.

This is what one man from Atlanta is facing. He was arrested recently in connection to a killing that took place back in October. A man was sitting in his car, and was shot multiple times at a busy intersection in broad day light. The alleged shooters then left the scene of the crime. The suspect, who was arrested for allegedly being connected to the crime, is facing multiple felony charges, including a felony murder charge and aggravated assault charges. He is the second man to be arrested in connection to this murder.

This case involves serious charges, and, if found guilty, the accused would likely be in prison for a long time, if not the rest of his life. However, even with charges this serious, there are strong criminal defenses that can be made. With a felony murder charge, the murder itself is based on one specific underlying felony that was allegedly being committed at that time of the murder. A strong defense is that if the accused can be found not guilty of the underlying felony, then the accused cannot be guilty of the murder either. This is in addition to many other defenses that can be put forth as well.

Once someone is accused of a serious felony, it should always be taken seriously and help should be sought out immediately. Seeking out help immediately makes it more likely that the allegations can be reduced or thrown out entirely.

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