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Man accused of DUI after rear ending patrol car near Atlanta

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

Being accused of a DUI usually requires a serious defense. Being accused of a DUI after hitting the back of a patrol car, which then hits another patrol car requires one of the strongest criminal defenses possible.

This is the case for one unfortunate driver who was driving near Atlanta. He was driving on Camp Creek Parkway near the intersection of Washington Road when he allegedly rear-ended a police cruiser, which then ran into the back of another police cruiser. Both police officers were injured, as well as a passenger in the man’s car. After the accident, the driver was arrested for driving while under the influence. He was also charged with reckless driving and failure to move over when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle. It was not reported that anyone was seriously injured.

Hitting a police car is bad enough, but being charged with a DUI after doing so requires a serious criminal defense. Even something that serious, however, can be defended against. If the tests that show the driver was intoxicated cannot be authenticated or in some way were incomplete, many of the charges could be thrown out.

Also, if there is some reason that one or more of the criminal charges cannot be properly proved, then they could be reduced or dropped entirely. Finally, there is the option of a plea negotiation, which could reduce the charges and penalties. Any criminal allegations should be taken seriously. Finding help immediately can minimize the long-term consequences of the charges.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Accused drunk driver injures 3 in crash, including 2 officers,” Mary Gleason, Jan. 21, 2013


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