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Man arrested for alleged triple murder in Dekalb County

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2013 | Felonies |

Any allegations involving murder are always serious charges and should be treated as such. However, when someone is facing triple murder charges after an alleged drug deal went bad, those are criminal charges that could come with the steepest of penalties.

The alleged perpetrator is facing a significant amount of felonies for his alleged involvement in an event that happened in Dekalb county back in Nov., 2012. Allegedly, the man was upset about a “bad drug deal” and shot three people, two men and a women. All three died from their injuries. According to police, the man allegedly then fled and was recently found in another state. The police said that they attempted a traffic stop when the man got out of the car, fled and was later found hiding under a vehicle and arrested. He will soon be extradited back to Georgia where he will be formerly charged with the alleged crimes.

The types of felonies that the alleged perpetrator is accused of are some of the most serious, but even so, a criminal defense can still be made. There are many possible defenses to murder. If the charge is murder in the first degree, then showing that the defendant lacked the requisite mental state is enough to have the charges thrown out or reduced to a lesser charge. If the charges are for a lesser murder, there is a chance they took place as self-defense. There is also the chance that there was a mistaken identity and that the defendant was not involved at all.

There are many criminal defenses that can be used, no matter what the crime is. The most important part of any defense is that the accused makes sure to seek out help immediately.

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