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Dekalb County woman allegedly flashes a gun on school property

On Behalf of | May 2, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

Trying to defend yourself or your family is always important. However, if that defense results in being indicted with criminal charges, seeking out help to form a proper criminal defense is required.

A woman was recently indicted because she was accused of fighting with a mother and allegedly flashed a gun. This took place near a high school in front of the mother’s two students. The mother who filed charges allegedly took down the other woman’s license plate number. She was just charged with three aggravated assault charges and carrying a weapon within school areas. It was unclear why the altercation occurred in the first place. The defendant was apparently released from jail upon posting a $3,000 bond.

Anyone facing assault charges should make sure to take them seriously, even such charges stemmed from an effort in self-defense. In fact, it is during those moments, when the allegations stem from something that needs to be explained, when help is most needed, especially to avoid any long-term consequences from a criminal conviction.

Often times, once help is received, a proper criminal defense may be brought forth. Vigorous defense often involves pointing out inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and prohibiting irrelevant evidence from being introduced. Whether that be via plea negotiation, explaining to the jury how or why the even occurred or making it clear that the wrong person was apprehended, a defendant has the best chance of receiving a reduced or dropped sentence when his or her rights are fought for..

Seeking out assistance when facing criminal charges is often the best way to put forth a strong criminal defense. With the proper help, it is likely many charges can be reduced or thrown out entirely.

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