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Georgia man accused of rape

On Behalf of | May 8, 2013 | Sex Crimes |

Individuals who are accused of sex crimes, often face a strong bias against them from law enforcement and they likely will face an aggressive prosecution. When the defendant is accused of serial rape with a weapon, it is often that much more difficult for the accused.

This is the case for one man who is currently being searched for by the police. The accused man allegedly met up with women using online solicitation, enticing them to come to a vacant apartment. Once the women were on site, the accused would allegedly produce a gun, rob them and then have a sexual encounter with them. Though there are allegedly at least three victims, it is unknown how many women are claiming that this took place. The police tried to arrest the man recently, but he was not at his apartment and his whereabouts are currently unknown but are still under investigation.

Dealing with any type of sexual assault charge has the possibility of causing harm to the defendant’s personal life and professional life. The mere accusation, even false accusations, can often deal damage to reputation for the defendant. If found guilty of any of the allegations, the defendant could face prison time and will be placed on a sex offender registry. This means that any employer could find it and potentially use that against the defendant. To avoid harsh penalties, Georgia residents facing such allegations should immediately seek out assistance once accusations are made, even before being officially charged.

Fighting allegations of sexual misconduct can be incredibly difficult for the defendant, as everything is typically stacked against him. There are criminal defense professionals who can assist those accused and help mount a strong defense.

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