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DeKalb County officers accuse man of being serial robber

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2013 | Felonies |

When someone is accused of robbery, it is often difficult to defend against the charges. However, when someone is accused of being a serial robber or any significantly large amount of felonies, that person needs to put forth the best defense possible on multiple fronts.

The allegations involve incidents at over 20 stores, specifically Family Dollar stores and Dollar General. The suspect is allegedly responsible for robberies that have all occurred since February of 2013, and 13 of the 20 were in DeKalb County. The defendant allegedly used the same getaway car every time, which the police believe was a silver or gray Cadillac SUV. The police have reportedly recovered the SUV involved. Police have not revealed if they know where the suspect is currently or why their investigation has led to this particular man as their primary suspect.

Oftentimes, when a defendant is facing serious charges, the allegations can be rather intimidating. For this reason, it is often best to plan out the best defense possible. One way to avoid serious prison time or to reduce the penalties is to try and find out exactly what evidence the prosecution is relying on and see how it can be attacked. If the chain of possession of the evidence can be attacked it might be suppressed in a trial. In addition, if the evidence is deemed irrelevant a solid defense could also block it from being used. Finally, if the motive the police have is questionable, particularly if it can be undermined in some way, then even some of the most serious charges could be defended against.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Police identify serial robbery suspect,” Will Frampton and Kendra Mackey, June 15, 2013


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