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Government employees being investigated for alleged steroid use

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2013 | Drug Charges |


Often, when one thinks of drug violations and illegal drugs, what comes to mind is marijuana, cocaine and other hardcore drugs. However, being accused of using or distributing prescription drugs, such as steroids, are still serious drug charges and still need a strong defense.

There are six government employees, five firefighters and one police officer, in Cobb County who are currently under investigation for steroid use and/or distribution. The charges stem from an accusation of a firefighter who was accused of being on steroids in 2010. There were more charges since then and now there are six employees involved, five of which either resigned or were on administrative leave, with one firefighter still active. While no charges have been filed yet, the investigations are still ongoing. It has been stated that there is no indication that the steroids were either used or distributed on government property or while those employees were on duty.

No matter what the drug charges are, whether drug use or drug distribution, a defense is still often required to avoid serious consequences for the individual accused. Once the accusation is made, help should be sought immediately, in order to reduce charges or even have some thrown out entirely. That way, any remaining can be dealt with properly and with the best defense possible. Sometimes, the use may not have been intentional or known by the user but that still must be proven. Even if the user knew, distribution may not have been intentional.

Drug charges can sometimes stem from situations most people would consider serious offenses. Still, no matter what the case, help should still be sought immediately to fight the charges.

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