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Driver near Atlanta accused of trying to hit wife but hits store

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2013 | Criminal Defense |


Sometimes in marriages, a couple starts to see their side of things instead of looking at the big picture and the implications of certain decisions. A man is now facing criminal charges for just such a fight within his marriage and he now also may have to repair damage caused by his truck too.

The incident occurred near Atlanta on Ga. 34 and Ga. 16. The man was in his pick-up truck when he allegedly started moving, hit a car and then ran into a store. It is claimed that this occurred while he was trying to run over his wife. A witness at the scene claims that he thought he was in danger of getting hit as well. The man is charged with DUI and aggravated assault, however, no injuries have been reported at this time. It is also unknown the extent of the damage to the other vehicle or store.

Marital and familial arguments can quickly escalate into heated and volatile situations. Abuse should not be taken lightly, but sometimes in the heat of the moment, both parties in an argument may say things or make threats that are not to be taken literally. When a third party hears these outbursts, it can easily turn into serious criminal charges with potential long-term consequences. If that happens, it is best to seek out assistance as quickly as possible to for a proper criminal defense, even if the defendant does not believe the charges stem from a real or viable assertion.

Seeking out assistance when accused of a crime is often necessary, no matter how the incident started. By being proactive the defendant can deal with the accusations properly.

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