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Two men accused of alleged robbery of woman near Atlanta

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Felonies |


When an Atlanta resident is accused of a robbery, they likely need a good defense. However, when a couple of men are accused of robbing a woman at gun point, in front of her home, they need a strong criminal defense.

This appears to be the case for two men near Atlanta. A woman was heading home from work when two men allegedly robbed her. She was in front of her door to her townhome when the men allegedly pushed her down and took her money, iPhone purse and identification. They then allegedly tried to rip at her shirt and she screamed. There was then a neighbor who came out with a gun. The two robbers jumped into a car and drove off. The neighbor shot at the car as the men were leaving the scene.

When defendants are facing serious charges, including felonies, they should seek out assistance immediately. Without help, defendants could face serious penalties or prison time.

When a crime, such as robbery, happens at night, one typical defense is that the witness did not get a good look at the defendant, and there is a possibility for a mistaken identity. Further, if there are multiple defendants, the police may try to use each one’s story against the other, which is another reason why assistance should be sought immediately. Finally, if the evidence is not as strong as the police indicate, it is possible a felony charge can be reduced significantly or possibly even thrown out entirely.

Dealing with serious allegations should always be dealt with as quickly as possible. In order to deal with them properly, assistance is often necessary.

Source: WSBTV, “Police search for two men wanted in brazen Buckhead robbery,” Amy Napier Viteri, September 9, 2013


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