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Georgia man sentenced to prison for framing woman with drug crime

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Drug Charges |

Many drug charges stem from police finding illegal drugs on a person or in their home or vehicle. Drug possession charges can result in serious consequences for individuals. In an interesting twist on typical drug cases, a Georgia man has been sentenced to prison for trying to get another person arrested for drug possession.

The man was sentenced to one year and six months in prison after he was convicted of planting illegal drugs in a woman’s car. Prosecutors said the man planted methamphetamine in a woman’s car. After the drugs were planted in her car, she was charged with drug possession after a traffic stop. 

The drug charges against the woman were later dropped after prosecutors found out the man had planted the drugs in the tire well of her vehicle. Prosecutors said the man framed the woman with a drug crime to try and discredit her. 

The man ended up pleading guilty to conspiring to distribute methamphetamine last summer and will now spend over a year in prison. 

This case is a unique example of the criminal charges individuals can face if they are charged with possession or distribution of illicit drugs. In addition to possessing or distributing illegal drugs, individuals can also face other criminal charges for trying to frame other people for criminal offenses. 

Drug charges can result in serious consequences for individuals in Georgia. People being investigated for drug crimes should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss their case and options for staying out of prison. 

Source: The Republic, “Northwest Ga. man gets 18 months in prison for planting methamphetamine on woman’s car,” Dec. 13, 2013


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