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Drug charges handed to pharmacy owner and 4 others

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2014 | Drug Charges |

A Georgia pharmacy and its owner were recently were targeted in an investigation at the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency. Along with other state agencies, the investigation ultimately concluded with the arrest of the owner as well as four other individuals. The drug charges stem from allegations of diverting controlled substances.

Two of those who authorities say were involved in the ordeal were arrested following a traffic stop. Police claim that they found 1,000 tablets of hydrocodone in the men’s possession that they believe were diverted from a local pharmacy. The following day, police arrested the pharmacy’s owner.

The 64-year-old pharmacy owner’s home was searched, and apparently $10,000 dollars and a substantial amount of prescription controlled substances were found. Authorities later searched her pharmacy, where they claim that they found evidence that pointed them toward the owner of an auto repair business. A search of his business also resulted in his arrest.

All of those arrested are currently facing drug charges for conspiring to possess a controlled substance. The two men involved in the traffic stop face additional charges for actually possessing a controlled substance. While they are currently being held in a local Georgia jail, additional charges may be filed. As the accused await their preliminary hearings, they are still afforded the presumption of innocence on all charges. After their initial hearing, careful review of their charges alongside their council will allow them the opportunity to decide whether fighting the charges in court or attempting to negotiate a plea deal — or both — will prove to be the smartest move to take.

Source: The Tifton Gazette, “Local pharmacist and three others arrested on drug related charges”, , May 30, 2014


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