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Burglary investigation led to 5 arrests in Georgia

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Five people were arrested following allegations of a serious crime ring in Georgia. Although the charges stem from local authorities, federal authorities are apparently also investigating the alleged burglary and mail theft that the group is said to have committed. It has been reported that additional charges may still be possible, although it is unclear at this time what they would be.

Officers apparently uncovered the ring while they were initially investigating a suspected burglary. When authorities went to search a home that may have somehow been involved, they claim they found multiple fraudulent documents. Some of what they found apparently may have also included counterfeit money. 

What police suspect happened was that those involved in the alleged ring stole mail from various mailboxes. When mail was taken from the same location multiple times, personal information, such as a bill, could have helped them apply for fake credit cards or even change the address that the company mailed to. The suspected scam may have also included depositing fraudulent checks into various accounts. Police think that they may have later withdrawn the funds for cash.

For the five Georgia residents that were arrested after the initial burglary investigation, they all face charges for first-degree forgery as well as various other charges related to the alleged credit card and false ID crimes. Regardless of the charges or their suspected actions, their rights and innocence must be maintained throughout the entirety of their trial court proceedings. This is because the burden of proof rests with the prosecution, not the defendant, to prove each and every element of the criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

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