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Felony charges for man accused of snatching rare, valuable coins

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Felonies |

Most people in Georgia would likely feel pleased if their spare pocket change totaled up to $20 or so, but police claim that one man had coins worth much more than that. Officers allege that the man in question hadn’t just been storing his leftover change in an old jar, but that he had actually stolen the valuable coins from a local store. He has since been arrested on felony charges and was behind bars at last report.

Police believe that the man visited the store where the coins were offered for sale during operating hours. At one point, a clerk pulled out a box containing nearly 80 valuable coins. When the clerk bent down to retrieve something behind the counter, a surveillance tape supposedly shows the man taking the box of coins out of the store. According to the clerk, the man had said that he had left his credit card in his vehicle.

In late Dec. 2014, the owner of a different store in a local mall claimed that he recognized the man from images that the police had released. He contacted the authorities, and the man was later arrested. Other agencies in Georgia claim that he committed similar offenses throughout various cities and counties. 

Although the additional allegations of rare coin theft have not been totaled, the 80 coins were said to have a value of $37,000. Felony charges for theft have serious potential consequences, and the large sum that he is accused of taking could impact the potential consequences of any conviction — if one is actually secured. With his future on the line, he would likely benefit from quick but careful action, such as undertaking a careful review of both the charges he faces and the evidence that prosecutors anticipate submitting in court. Such action, taken alongside his chosen defense counsel, can provide invaluable insight in preparing for the coming proceedings in criminal court.

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