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Apparent road rage leads to felony charges at elementary school

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2015 | Felonies |

It’s understandable to feel more than a little miffed by a driver who cuts you off or who refuses to use a blinker when shifting lanes. A Georgia woman was recently accused of taking road rage a little too far after another motorist allegedly took her parking spot. Police were alerted to the situation, and the driver was arrested on felony charges for property damage. She was also accused of disrupting a public school.

The incident occurred while an elementary school was putting on a Christmas program. The owner of the vehicle that was supposedly vandalized claims that she was stuck behind another vehicle in the school’s parking lot. After over a minute passed without the vehicle in front of her moving, the woman drove around it and pulled into a parking spot.

After that, the woman reported that the driver of the immobile car exited the vehicle and accused her of stealing her parking spot. The woman did not move her car. At that point, the victim reported to police that the irate driver parked her vehicle in a nearby spot before allegedly returning to the initial parking spot and keying her vehicle.

Police were called to the scene, and the woman who supposedly scratched the other vehicle was taken into custody, although she posted bond later that same day. As the damage to the vehicle was assessed at more than $600, the accusations of property damage amount to felony charges. Defendants facing charges such as this in Georgia have more than one option for handling the accusations. For instance, some find that a plea deal can offer them the most favorable outcome possible, such as lessened charges and/or favorable consideration at sentencing. Others find fighting the charges to their fullest extent to be a more beneficial course of action.

Source: Roswell Ga. Patch, “Police: Woman Keys SUV After Driver Takes Parking Space“, Kristal Dixon, Jan. 21, 2015


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