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After criminal charges filed, sheriff asserts commitment to job

On Behalf of | May 14, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

A local sheriff was arrested following what he claims was simply a tragic and unfortunate accident. Charged with reckless conduct in the shooting incident of an individual, the Georgia sheriff maintains that he is still committed to continuing his duties as a member of law enforcement. He has currently not been removed from office as he is only accused of committing a misdemeanor. However, should his criminal charges be updated to a felony, he would likely be suspended from his job.

The shooting victim was a real estate agent and apparently also a close friend of the sheriff. Just prior to the incident, both individuals were inside of a model home, where the sheriff claims that certain training exercises were underway. After the real estate agent suffered a gun shot to her abdomen, the sheriff phoned 911 to report what had happened.

The sheriff cooperated with authorities who responded to the scene by turning over his two guns, the clothes that he was wearing and his cell phone; however, he did not give any type official statement at the time. The gun shot victim is still listed in critical condition and has been unable to give her account of what occurred. While the investigation into the events that transpired just prior to the shooting continues, the sheriff is still on the job and asserts that he is still dedicated to performing his duties to the citizens that he protects.

Most people would agree that humans can be clumsy, mistaken or confused in even the best of situations, and sadly tragic mistakes simply do occur sometimes. Although the investigation and criminal charges may be an understandable course of action when an individual has been injured, being accused of committing a crime after an accident can be devastating. Georgia defendants in this type of situation may want to insure that they have considered every possible option for handling any criminal accusations by carefully examining both the charges and related evidence alongside their counsel. When all of the relative information has been gathered and examined, determining the most appropriate course of action to take can be much more clear.

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