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No criminal defense necessary for Georgia veteran

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

When an innocent individual is in trouble and needs help, the vast majority of people in Georgia would likely jump into action to render aid. One community believes that is exactly what one veteran did, although his action ultimately landed him briefly behind bars. However, he will not be requiring any criminal defense in the near future as the charges have since been dropped.

As the temperature begins to transform spring into the hot, sticky summer, the interior of a motor vehicle can become a dangerously hot place. While state law does not currently protect animals in this situation, a dog locked inside of a car quickly drew concern out of nearby witnesses. Under the impression that the dog was suffering, a veteran took action by smashing the window of the vehicle. The dog was freed without harm.

The owner of the vehicle was less than pleased by the veteran’s actions and requested that local authorities do something. While the dog’s owner was given a ticket for leaving her dog in the car, the man who saved it was arrested and charged with criminal trespass. After his arrest, the man revealed that he had witnessed so much death during his time in the service that he knew he had to take action to prevent seeing it again. 

Ultimately, the district attorney chose to drop the charges against the man, although it is not entirely clear what factors may have contributed to this decision. Georgia state law does permit that a car window be broken if a minor is at risk in a hot vehicle, though this protection does not extend to animals. However, those accused of making similar attempts at saving the life of an animal in a motor vehicle might want to consider the various implications of this law when constructing the foundation for their criminal defense.

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