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Georgia driver accused of drug possession during traffic stop

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2015 | Drug Charges |

A Georgia man is facing some substantial drug charges following a traffic stop. Although the driver was initially placed behind bars, he already posted bond and was released; however, his legal battle is likely just beginning. Most people understand the significance of facing drug possession charges and the possible impact that a conviction can have on an individual’s future.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., local police reported witnessing a pickup truck briefly leave the roadway, stop in a ditch and then reverse back into the road. At that point, officers initiated a traffic stop, during which one of the officers allegedly noted the scent of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The driver conceded that he had engaged in recreational marijuana use earlier in the day, but at that point, he said he was on his way to work.

A subsequent search of the driver’s truck apparently turned up a backpack containing multiple controlled and illegal substances. Inside the backpack were morphine and oxycodone pills in bottles without any markings or identification as well as marijuana and related drug paraphernalia. Ammunition for a .22-caliber gun was also found in the truck.

The driver faces a range of charges, including individual counts of possession of marijuana, morphine and oxycodone. He has also been charged with the intent to distribute among several other drug-related charges. A solid criminal defense foundation is often a critical aspect of handling drug possession allegations in Georgia, and defendants facing these types of charges can benefit from the guidance of their counsel.

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