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Georgia police arrest 2 for drug charges related to meth lab

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Drug Charges |

Two people are behind bars after authorities served at least one person with orders to pay child support. Both individuals were arrested on drug charges related to alleged criminal and drug activities that were going on at their residence. In addition the criminal drug charges, one person also faces multiple counts for an arrest order relating to child support.

Georgia authorities originally went to the home in order execute an arrest order for a 31-year-old man after he had apparently failed to comply with a child support order. Upon arrival, police claim that there was evidence in obvious and plain view that indicated the possible presence of a lab for manufacturing methamphetamine. A subsequent search warrant supposedly confirmed that suspicion.

Both individuals who lived at the home were arrested on the same charges. These include manufacturing and possessing a controlled substance. They are also accused of unlawfully possessing ephedrine, which was some of the additional evidence allegedly collected in the methamphetamine lab.

Many drug charges filed in Georgia have exceptionally significant consequences if a conviction is garnered. However, there is no single approach that can uniformly benefit defendants facing the same or similar charges. Typically, defendants can either fight the charges until the conclusion of trial court proceedings, or they can seek to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution in exchange for lesser charges, lower sentences or other benefits. Ultimately, it is up to each defendant to carefully review each charge alongside his or her counsel before deciding which approach will achieve the most favorable outcome possible for their situation.

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