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Obtaining legal assistance in relation to drug charges in Georgia

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | Drug Charges |

The legal system can be complicated and someone who is not familiar with state or federal laws, or has never before been arrested or accused of a crime may become confused and stressed in the process. Crimes, such as those involving drug charges carry potential penalties if convicted that may increase according to the details of an individual offense. Therefore, it is typically prudent to seek  counsel and retain the assistance of a legal advocate when preparing to face such charges in a Georgia court.

The Hirsch Criminal Defense represents a wide range of clients facing any number of legal issues, including misdemeanor or felony charges that are drug-related. Our attorneys possess clear understanding of the law and local courts procedures. They are able to explain the nuances associated with potential consequences that increase according to the amount of drugs or type of charges filed. 

Hiring an attorney that is able to tailor a legal strategy to serve an individual client’s needs and goals is often crucial to obtaining the best possible result. Whether you have been charged with illegal drug possession, possession with intent to distribute or drug manufacturing and trafficking, you are presumed innocent until and unless proved otherwise in court. An experienced attorney can aggressively protect your rights and defend you against the charges. 

Attorneys at The Hirsch Criminal Defense have successfully defended numerous clients in a variety of drug-related cases. Facing drug charges often places one’s future at stake. The ability to seek gainful employment, pursue educational opportunities or participate in business ventures may be affected, depending upon the end result of your situation. You can seek legal assistance in the matter by contacting our Georgia office to schedule a consultation.


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