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Burglary, gang-related charges filed against Georgia teens

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2016 | Theft & Property Crimes |

A teenager, who was home alone at the time, allegedly tipped police off to an ongoing burglary that ultimately led to six arrests. According to Georgia authorities, all six of the individuals arrested for burglary are minors. The youngest was 16 years old.

The six teenagers accused of the burglary were apparently unaware that another teenager was inside the targeted residence. The girl hid when she heard someone attempting to break in through an outside door and proceeded to call her stepfather. After telling him what she had heard, he hung up and phoned 911 to report the incident.

Police responded to the call, although it is not entirely clear if the teens were arrested while still at the home or if police caught up with them a short while later. Charges filed against the teens include burglary, participating in gang activity and constructive possession of a gun. They are also being investigated for other area burglaries, and at least two of the teens have already been charged in connection with another burglary.

Burglary and gang-related allegations are serious charges that can result in a wide range of consequences for the defendants. Since these young teens are just starting out in life, a criminal record has the potential to completely eliminate certain employment and education opportunities. In order to minimize the impact on their futures and to avoid steep consequences such as jail time, defendants in Georgia might be best advised to consider all of their defense options in a timely and responsive manner.

Source: fayette-news.com, “Six Fayette teens arrested on burglary charges“, Danny Harrison, March 15, 2016


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