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Campus police arrested two Georgia football players

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2016 | Felonies |

Campus police arrested two University of Georgia football players, although it is not clear if their charges will actually come to any type of fruition. Felony charges were filed for alleged property damage caused to their dorm room by BB-gun pellets. It does not appear as if either student has been suspended from the team, although Kirby Smart — the team’s head coach — has stated that appropriate actions will be taken based upon incoming information.

Police were first notified of the presence of a BB gun in the dorm room by one of the university’s maintenance employees. The employee initially reported to the dorm in order to stop a toilet from leaking but in the process noticed the BB gun in the players’ shared dorm room. Minor damage was apparently found in the walls, in addition to BB pellets in the room. Witnesses also claim that small amounts of marijuana were also found, but that police did not find enough to allow them to file any possession charges.

With initial damage assessed at approximately $1,000, warrants were issued for the roommates who were arrested a short while later. They remained behind bars for less than 12 hours, when both of the students posted $2,000 bonds. Although bond was initially set at $5,000 for each, it was ultimately lowered to two separate $1,000 bonds, one for the BB gun possession and another for the alleged damage.

At least one individual involved in the matter believes that there is a fair chance that the felony charges will be dismissed due to the insubstantial nature of the alleged damage. Still, even when Georgia defendants strongly suspect that their charges will be dismissed, it is wise to continue with all necessary defense preparations. Doing so can help ensure defendants achieve the best outcomes possible in the event that their charges are not dismissed.

Source: macon.com, “Georgia’s Julian Rochester, Chad Clay arrested on weapon and criminal damage charges“, Jason Butt, April 12, 2016


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