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Police charge Georgia father with felony charges

On Behalf of | May 17, 2016 | Felonies |

A toddler has been placed in the care of his mother after his father was arrested by Georgia police. The father is facing misdemeanor and felony charges related to his alleged alcohol consumption while he was caring for the young boy. Authorities claim that both the father and the boy were under the influence of alcohol.

Police received a call that led them to respond to the home of the 20-year-old father and his 3-year-old child, although it is not exactly clear what that call entailed or who actually made it. Upon arrival at the home, the father was allegedly unconscious, and police believed that the toddler was acting strangely. The father and son were transported to the hospital because of a noticeable scent of alcohol on both of them.

Staff at the hospital supposedly determined that the toddler was intoxicated with a signific alcohol content. According to police, the father had been drinking a fruity cocktail earlier in the evening, when he became inebriated. After passing out, the toddler retrieved his father’s drink and began drinking it through a straw.

Although misdemeanor and felony charges have significantly different consequences, it is important to address all criminal allegations in a quick and timely manner. This can be especially true in cases such as that of this Georgia father, who has more than just jail time and steep fines on the line. Criminal charges can often have a negative impact on parenting rights and access to children. As such, most defendants are well-advised to carefully and thoroughly review their charges and the related evidence in order to craft the most effective defense strategy possible.

Source: NBC News, “Georgia Dad Arrested After He and Toddler Are Found Drunk“, Elizabeth Chuck, May 11, 2016


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