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Teen faces felony charges for alleged Snapchat use

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | Felonies |

After being seriously injured in a car wreck, Georgia police arrested an area teen on some fairly hefty allegations. The teenager first made national news when she was accused of using the popular app Snapchat while behind the wheel of her vehicle. Facing felony charges for causing a serious injury with a vehicle, she is also charged as driving faster than conditions warranted and being a so-called super speeder.

The crash occurred back in Sept. 2015, when the teen supposedly admitted to driving her vehicle at approximately 90 mph in an area where the limit is posted at 55. The 19-year-old denies that she was using Snapchat when she rear-ended another vehicle that had just turned onto the road from a nearby apartment complex. The Snapchat filter in question can apparently measure the speed of the user.

Three other passengers were in the vehicle at the time of the wreck, and initially they all told police that the driver was not using her smart phone at the time. However, upon being interviewed again sometime later, the passengers changed their story to say that Snapchat was indeed in use. The passengers’ changing stories and continued investigation apparently influenced the more recently filed charges.

Most defendants in Georgia who face felony charges experience a significant amount of mental and emotional turmoil. This is entirely understandable, but it also makes the timely approach to creating a solid defense strategy even more important. Understanding the details of all charges and related evidence can make achieving the most favorable outcome possible far more realistic.

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