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Possible kill for hire results in criminal charges

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

A Georgia teenager is currently being held in police custody without the opportunity to post bond. The high school student is facing criminal charges as an adult after he allegedly tried to hire someone to kill two of his classmates at school. Police have not yet said what might have led to this apparent request.

Officers working at the school were tipped off that the 17-year-old student was allegedly searching for someone who would kill two individuals in exchange for money. It is not clear if a student or adult provided police with this information. At that point, an undercover police officer arranged a meeting with the teen.

During their first meeting, the student allegedly offered to pay $12,000 if the undercover officer could kill two other students at the school. The offer supposedly also included their families, although the reasoning behind this request has not been revealed. Georgia officers then obtained a search warrant for the boy’s home. Upon executing it, police allegedly found more evidence that indicated his intent to hire someone to carry out these acts, and the teen was arrested. The individuals who were allegedly the subject of this plot were also informed of what was going on.

Although he is still only 17-years-old, the decision to charge him as an adult can have a serious impact on his future. Facing criminal charges as an adult rather than a minor tends to carry the potential for steeper consequences and more permanent impacts on a person’s life, including a criminal record that excludes defendants from certain valuable opportunities. For many, minimizing these impacts is a priority, which can make the timely approach of possible defense strategies a well-advised plan of action.

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