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Burglary charges filed against Georgia college students

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2016 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Two students from Georgia Military College were recently arrested and charged for what police described as a string of burglaries. In addition to burglary charges, the pair were also charged with multiple auto thefts. One of the two men also faces allegations of credit card fraud and making a false statement.

Police claim that the burglaries started in the summer of July 2016 at an area apartment complex, when the first burglary was reported. Soon after, the two students believed to be involved in the incident rented their own apartments at a nearby the complex. In August, police received multiple reports of entering a vehicle and burglary at the second complex. Things apparently slowed down for a brief period before starting back up at the beginning of September, until they quickly died down only to again resume at the start of October.

Video surveillance apparently showed the two students walking from their complex to another with no items on their person, and then returning with items that had allegedly been reported as missing. A stolen laptop was also apparently traced to the one of the student’s apartments through GPS. A search warrant turned up additional items that supposedly connected the students to the thefts.

At last report, Both GMC students were still in police custody and could potentially face additional charges. Accusations of burglary, entering an auto and credit card fraud are all significant charges that can carry severe penalties if convicted. College students in Georgia typically have plans for their future, whether that be to pursue additional education or land the perfect job. Criminal convictions can unfairly isolate some of these opportunities, so defendants usually choose to handle their charges in a manner that will minimize this impact while achieving the best possible outcome. For some, this means negotiating a plea deal, while others choose to fight their charges until the end of trial court proceedings.

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