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Theft charges filed after police respond to backyard gunfire call

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Theft & Property Crimes |

An incident occurred on a recent Tuesday in Georgia that resulted in five people being arrested. Whatever they had planned for their day took a back seat when police showed up after receiving a call about gunshots being heard. The gunfire was apparently coming from the backyard of the house where the five individuals were at the time. At one point, those involved were accused of theft.

It was about a half hour before noon when officers arrived at the house. Just as they began to investigate the situation, someone told them the suspects were leaving the scene in a motor vehicle. Not long after, police pulled the vehicle over in a traffic stop.

Officers say they seized several types of firearms from the car. Police then went back to the house in question and made contact with the owner. The owner of the house reportedly gave police permission to search the home. They did so, supposedly taking possession of several more guns. Three of the weapons police seized that day were said to have been stolen from another house in Georgia.

One of the five people arrested was a juvenile who was returned to his mother while the others were put in jail.  A police chief said the department is looking into whether the guns may have been used to commit other crimes. As for now, each person arrested was charged with reception of stolen property theft, disorderly conduct and discharging a gun within city limits. In similar past situations, criminal defense attorneys have helped defendants avoid convictions by aggressively fighting against theft charges for them in court.

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