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Holiday season includes drug charges for two in Georgia

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2016 | Drug Charges |

While many people in Georgia are imbibing a bit of cheer and trying to check everything off their to-do lists for holiday fun, the month of December has taken a different turn for some others. Two people, in particular, will likely be spending the rest of the month preparing as strong of defenses as possible regarding recent drug charges filed against them. The incident leading to the charges unfolded on a recent Tuesday in Moultrie.

Local police apparently received word that illicit drug activities were occurring at a particular house on 31st Avenue SE. As in common in such circumstances, officers set up surveillance near the home to investigate the situation. At some point, they are said to have made contact with a man and woman.

Investigators searched the house in question. They later claimed to have found drugs inside a piece of furniture there. In addition to the methamphetamine officers claim was inside the ottoman, they also allegedly found marijuana, Xanax pills and hydrocodone pills on the premises.

Both persons will now face various drug charges pertaining to possession with intent to distribute controlled substances. Successfully avoiding conviction in such situations often proves quite challenging. Many who have faced similar charges in the past in Georgia have managed to stay out of jail by acting alongside experienced, aggressive defense representation in court. To explore such options, a defendant can request a meeting with a criminal defense attorney to discuss the details of a particular situation to determine how best to proceed to increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

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