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2 men are facing drug charges after traffic stop in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Clearly, being convicted of a drug-related crime can have a negative impact on one’s future. Jail time, fines and/or probation may be ordered. Many people seek legal counsel to help defend against any criminal charges. This may be the case for two men accused of drug charges after a routine traffic stop in Georgia.

The men were pulled over by a police officer who believed the driver to be under the influence. A K-9 unit apparently performed a search around the vehicle and alerted that there were drugs inside the car. Police claim to have found methamphetamine and other illegal prescription drugs, along with a meth pipe, during their search of the vehicle. Both individuals are now being charged with several drug-related crimes.

A person who is facing similar charges may find it beneficial to form an early defense strategy. Actions made or words spoken during the process can have a direct effect on the outcome, and seeking legal counsel early on in the process may be advisable. A successful defense strategy may help reduce the charges against the individual and in some cases, the charges may be dropped altogether.

These facing these types of charges often have little or no prior knowledge of the criminal justice system in Georgia. This can prove difficult. Many people facing these circumstances choose to speak with an attorney who is experienced in defending against drug charges for help in obtaining the best overall outcome for their situation. In every case, the burden of proof rests with government prosecutors, who must prove the formal accusations with evidence that is determined to be beyond a reasonable doubt.

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