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1 in Georgia facing criminal charges after allegations of robbery

On Behalf of | May 29, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes |

The potential consequences for criminal charges generally depend on the severity of the alleged crime. Those involving violent acts, such as armed robbery, are serious in nature and can have a significant impact on an accused individual should a conviction be obtained. A man in Georgia is currently facing similar charges after allegedly robbing a Goodwill store.

Just after 3 p.m. police claimed to have received a call about a suspicious individual who had recently entered a store and approached a cashier. Reportedly, the man waited until the drawer was open and allegedly sprayed the cashier in the face and stole the contents of the drawer. Authorities assert that they were in the process of surrounding the building at the time and took the man into custody shortly after the alleged incident.

He is now facing charges for armed robbery and aggravated assault, both of which carry severe penalties if convicted. They also claim that a similar robbery took place at another location around a week earlier, and suspect that he may have been involved. Although pepper spray was allegedly used in that instance as well, no other indication was listed that would tie the man to the previous incident.

When facing potentially devastating consequences that could follow allegations of armed robbery, an individual in Georgia might find it beneficial to seek legal counsel for the road ahead. A defense attorney can evaluate the evidence and charges against a client and advice him or her on the best course of action to take. If a conviction cannot be avoided, an attorney can assist a client in pursuing a lesser sentence during court proceedings.

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