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Georgia woman accused of theft of high school drama club funds

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes |

High schools across the country often have various clubs that are supported via fundraisers and donations. Without this extra funding, some of these programs may be unable to continue operations. When an adult within the program is accused of taking some of this funding for personal use, he or she could be facing severe penalties. A woman has recently been accused of the theft of thousands of dollars from a drama club in Georgia.

Police claim to have received information indicating that a portion of funding for a high school drama club had gone missing. Upon reviewing the records, officials within the school board apparently became suspicious of improper use, or even theft, of funding. During the investigation, authorities claim to have uncovered several withdrawals from the account by a local woman, dating back as far as 2015.

The woman was subsequently accused of taking over $5,200 dollars from the account for personal gain. She was taken into custody and is now facing felony theft charges. The punishment for a similar crime is severe, and if convicted, she could likely face a prison term in addition to being held responsible for the restitution of the amount stolen.

Individuals who are accused of theft often face consequences that could have a devastating impact on their futures. Many accused individuals wish to protect themselves by challenging the charges, but they may be unsure how to proceed. By speaking with a defense attorney, a person in Georgia can obtain guidance throughout the process, which may prove beneficial to pursuing the most favorable outcome possible given their current situation.

Source: Canton, GA Patch, “Woman Stole $5,200 From Drama Booster Club: Police“, Kristal Dixon, April 25, 2017


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