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Search of barber shop in Georgia leads to drug charges for 3

On Behalf of | May 13, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Barber shops in Georgia and across the country serve a multitude of individuals on a daily basis. These shops often have regulars who are around nearly all the time. When one or more of these individuals is suspected of a crime, the entire facility may soon be under investigation. A recent search of a local barber shop led to the arrest of three men who are now facing multiple drug charges.

After allegedly receiving information indicating there were drugs and guns at the shop, authorities launched an investigation into the matter. They claim to have used this information to secure a search warrant and several warrants for arrest and proceeded to enter the barber shop. The agents allegedly uncovered various types of narcotics during the process, along with a firearm and some ammunition.

Although the agents asserted that there were numerous individuals in and around the shop at the time, they arrested three men following the search. All three reportedly remain custody while the investigation continues. It is unclear if these men were found in possession of the drugs, or if there was any evidence uncovered that pointed in their direction.

Drug charges are serious in nature and can have a devastating impact on a person if a conviction is obtained. A person in Georgia who is accused of a similar crime will often speak with an attorney with experience in the area for guidance throughout the process. By evaluating the evidence and charges against a person, an attorney may be able to assist a client in forming a strong defense strategy, which might help in reducing the severity of the charges or, in some cases, getting them dropped entirely.

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