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Police officer in Georgia arrested for domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

Arguments among family members can be serious and at times can grow out of control. Although many of these disputes are simply shouting matches, in some cases they might take a turn for the worse. Police are often called out to investigate claims of domestic violence for the safety of everyone involved. A police officer in Georgia was recently arrested under similar circumstances after he allegedly assaulted his wife.

Authorities responded to reports of a domestic abuse just after 10 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. Upon arrival, they claim to have found the wife with torn clothes and visible signs of injury. The woman asserted that her husband had assaulted her and forced her to remain against her will. She says she was eventually able to flee to a nearby home and call police.

Although signs of injury were allegedly visible, the woman’s injuries were reportedly not life-threatening. The man was taken into custody following the alleged incident, and is facing misdemeanor battery and felony aggravated assault charges in relation to the incident. He is also a police officer, and has reportedly been placed on administrative leave while the charges are pending.

Those who are accused of domestic violence such as assault and/or battery often find it beneficial to seek assistance in the early stages of the process. When facing a similar situation, many of the accused speak with a defense attorney for advice on how to proceed. An attorney in Georgia can evaluate the charges against a client and assist him or her in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible during court proceedings.

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