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Investigation leads to drug charges against former police officer

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Drug Charges |

When authorities investigate an individual or individuals for drug-related activity, any evidence that is uncovered could also lead to criminal charges for others as well. Whether due to surveillance footage or simply the words of another, many individuals have found themselves facing drug charges under similar circumstances. A police officer in Georgia was recently arrested and accused of drug crimes with regard to an investigation into an alleged methamphetamine dealer.

The arrest reportedly came after authorities claim to have uncovered evidence suggesting the officer purchased illegal narcotics from the individual under investigation while on duty. According to authorities, while performing a search of the alleged dealer’s residence, police uncovered evidence of communication between the dealer and the officer on his cell phone. Just a few days after arresting the man, authorities also took the officer into custody for suspicion of drug activity.

According to reports, he is facing multiple charges in relation to the incident, including possession of a controlled prescription drug. He is also accused of violating the oath of a public officer, and has even lost his job even while charges are still pending. If convicted, he would face severe consequences, and he will likely have trouble obtaining employment within a related field in the future.

With the potential gravity of a conviction for drug charges, many individuals may wish to protect their future from being affected, potentially sparking a need for assistance in the process. When facing such a stressful and challenging situation, those accused of similar crimes often speak with a defense attorney for guidance on how to proceed. An attorney can thoroughly examine the situation and assist a client in Georgia in forming a strong defense for use moving forward.

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